Case Studies
Case Studies
Agriculture Case Studies
  • Almost no wear on Vesconite water-wheel bushings

    Recent tests between a bronze bushings and Vesconite bushing on an agricultural water wheel revealed that the bronze bushing wore 20 times faster than the Vesconite. The water wheel, situated in a fast-running creek, generates power to a plant's outside lighting. Both bushes ran in both wet and dry conditions and were removed after two weeks of operation to access wear rates. The wear rates were 2.54mm on bronze and only 0.13mm on the Vesconite.

  • No wear on Vesconite bearings used in wool scouring plant

    A wool company decided to test Vesconite bushings on four large rollers in their 130mm (O.D) x 100mm (I.D) wool scourer. The existing bronze bushings had a considerably short working life, due to wet and chemically contaminated conditions of the scourer. The Vesconite bushings performed well and lasted 4 times longer than the bronze versions. The wool company now use Vesconite as standard throughout the plant.

  • Vesconite out performs bronze bushings on roller

    The main steering and front pivot bush on a agricultural roller were replaced with Vesconite bushings. Prior to this, the roller was fitted with bronze bushings, which required regular greasing and replacement after only one year. The Vesconite bushings have shown no measurable wear after two years and have required no lubrication. A real benefit and cost saving for our Agriculture clients across Australia.

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